another vacant space. Mondrian Fan Club/ The Mondrian Pavillion Venice Biennale 57 VIVA ARTE VIVA

Mondrian Fan Club

June 23 2017
8pm / 20h

Mondrian Fan Club

The Mondrian Pavillion

Venice Biennale 57
Curator: Christine Macel


Mondrian Fan Club
David Medalla * Adam Nankervis
MayFlower Barn England
photo- Guy Brett 1994

Mondrian Fan Club

The Mondrian Fan Club was founded by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis in New York City in 1992, being born of Medalla´s first propulsion of 'The Flying Mondrians' in 1991 with Medalla as founder and Nankervis as co-founder (telekinisthetically, Medalla then in NYC and Nankervis in Aarhus Denmark), establishing a collaboration between the two artists living and moving nomadically around the world, who, when meeting in different locals globally created, and continue to create collaborative performances and installations, drawings and photographic impromptus, in homage to the artist Piet Mondriaan.

Mondrian who lived in NYC, was the inspiration, and New York City´s back drop, where Medalla and Nankervis met at the Chelsea Hotel in the winter of 1990, inspired actions primararily in the city, and over time, Medalla and Nankervis created the individual letters pertaining to the names or specific locales within different cities where they would, and do meet, to create a letter, an airborne piece global graffiti, which will eventually complete the sentence Medalla and Nankervis have started to formulate since the exhibition, The Secret History of The Mondrian Club, Gee Street London 1994.

Given the ethereal nature of the actions of The Mondrian Fan Club, much is lost in archiving, both films, and images are scarce, but have now been searched and sorted to continue in creating the sentence created before the exhibition The Secret of History of the Mondrian Fan Club.

The Mondrian Fan Club, Medallla and Nankervis´s interventions travel time and space, a literal stitch in time, and meet at specific junctures, which are captured for their ethereal position and action in time and place, and exhibited sparsely, in an invocation of the meeting points where the two artists have converged, and shared, and collaborated by inspiration of the environment in which they inhabit.